Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is your furniture made?

Our furniture is made here in Canada at our Abbotsford, British Columbia facility.

2When constructing your furniture, do you mix solid wood with man-made materials such as pressboard or particleboard?

No, we only use solid wood in the construction of our furniture. Pressboard and particleboard are man-made materials formed from leftover wood scraps and sawdust. This type of man-made “wood” can be prone to expansion should it come into contact with water and is not very durable.

3Why do you reinforce dado and dovetail joints drawers with glue and screws?

The joining technique we use to construct furniture results in very strong case and drawer corners that stand up to frequent opening and closing. For added strength, we glue all joints and add metal pins or screws so consumers can be confident that their furniture will last a long time.

4What is FSC-certified wood?

FSC-certified wood is wood that has been harvested, processed and manufactured using sustainable methods by the Forest Stewardship Council.

5Other manufacturers use pressboard to construct furniture. Why does Hotzon choose not to?

Pressboard furniture is not designed to last like solid wood furniture. It can warp and expand if it comes into contact with water. It is not easily moved once assembled and can be damaged in the process in the unassembled or reassembly process. Also, there is a risk of formaldehyde, which is used in the creation of pressboard, being released into the air.

6What furniture customization options do you offer?

Customize your furniture with hardware, stain or an antiqued or rustic distressed finish.

7Can I order solid wood furniture directly through you?

No, we are a wholesale manufacturer. We sell our furniture to consumers through furniture dealers.

8I want to sell your furniture in my showroom. Who do I contact?

You can contact us by phone at 604.533.2262 or complete and submit the dealer inquiry form to contact us by email.

9Can I furnish my entire house from your collections?

Yes, we craft furniture for the kitchen to the bedroom and the office. View our furniture by collection to see the types of furniture available.

10Do you offer a line of office furniture?

Yes, everything from bookcases to desks.

11Where can I find your furniture?

We have furniture dealers located throughout Western Canada. Call our office for information on dealers near you.